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Minimum System Requirements

Category User's System Minimum Requirements (PC) Minimum Requirements (Mac) Minimum Requirements (Chrome OS)
Javascript Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
Browser Cookies Disabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
Adobe Flash Not Detected Flash 25+ Flash 25+ Flash 25+
Internet Browser Other Internet Explorer 11
Edge 13+
Firefox 51+
Chrome 55+
Safari 9+
Firefox 51+
Chrome 55+
Chrome 55+
Operating System Other Windows 7+ OS 10.10+ Current
Screen Resolution Not Detected 1024x768 1024x768 1024x768
Popup Windows Blocked Unblocked Unblocked Unblocked
MP3 Undetermined Unblocked Unblocked Unblocked
Flash Video Undetermined Unblocked Unblocked Unblocked

Mobile Minimum System Requirements

ConnectED Web Minimum Requirements (iPad) Minimum Requirements (Android Tablets)
Internet Browser Safari Chrome, downloadable from the Play store
Operating System iOS 9+ Android 4.4.2+
Screen Resolution All 1024x768
ConnectED Mobile App Minimum Requirements (Tablets) Minimum Requirements (Phones)
Operating System (iOS) iOS 9+ iOS 9+
Operating System (Android) Android 4.4.2+ Android 4.4.2+

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